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Nicole du Toit - about - sex and relationship coach

My name is Nicole, and I am an experienced AASECT accredited sex educator and coach, based in Cape Town.

Do you ever wonder how some people effortlessly cultivate fulfilling romantic relationships, and exude confidence in their sexual nature, while staying true to their values? I’m here to guide you on a journey to become that person who naturally welcomes pleasure in all of its forms into their life, and loves every aspect of who they are, embracing authenticity and connection.

My work is about helping clients with the most intimate and vulnerable part of their lives.

Together we foster a deeper understanding of human sexuality, overcome barriers to intimacy, and cultivate a more fulfilling sex life.

Nicole Sex & Relationship Coach


My mission is to provide you with a non-judgmental space to explore your sexual questions, fears, issues, and values. I am by your side each step of the way to support, answer questions, provide guidance, and addressing fears and doubts.  You will love every moment!

After studying Theology and working within Christian Ministry, I quickly realised many couples were struggling to truly enjoy their intimate lives, and no one was willing, or qualified, to talk about it. Simultaneously, I grappled with my own challenges involving pain and a lack of pleasure in my own sexual journey.

Determined to seek answers and make a difference, I consulted a multitude of experts, and soon delved into the realm of sexology, studying through, and being certified by, institutions in the USA. It became increasingly evident that the information I was uncovering was crucial for everyone. Yet, it seemed confined to a select few.

This realisation motivated me to open my own practice, where I could offer guidance and support to those facing similar dilemmas. I remain a perpetual student of sexuality, regularly engaging with peers and taking new courses to ensure I provide the most current and relevant advice and recommendations to my clients.

I’m eternally grateful for the transformative journey that led me here. Every day, I’m inspired to help individuals find their path to a more fulfilling, informed, and satisfying relationship with their own sexuality.

By employing a holistic approach to sex and relationships, I’ve identified key areas for transforming sex lives, inspired by my own journey, and work that I have done with countless clients.

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Services Offered

As an accredited sex and relationship coach, I offer a range of services to help you improve your sexual and emotional well-being.


Whether you're dealing with sexual health issues or just want to learn more about your body, I'm here to help.

1:1 Coaching

Whether you're struggling with intimacy issues or just want to improve your communication skills, I'm here to help.

Online Courses

Whether you're looking for sex education or just want to explore your sexuality, I'm here to help.


Whether you're looking for support as an LGBQT+ individual or in a relationship, I'm here to help.

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