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How we perceive our sexual-self is an integral part of how we see ourselves in this world, and how we relate to others. It is important to work with someone who can help you navigate the mixed messaging of how we are told sex “should be”, to a place of being able to express who you are as a sexual being, without expectation or judgement.

Most people do not know where to turn when sexual problems, concerns, or questions creep up. The internet is full of terrible advice, and sexual issues are not something most people feel comfortable discussing  – even with their partner. Those of us coming from religious backgrounds can find this topic even more difficult to talk about, because we simply were never given the tools we need to be able to have the discussion.

The result is that many men and women suffer silently whilst at the same time feeling sexually inadequate, abnormal, or just plain frustrated.  

I work with you to give you the tools to have the discussions you need to have, and to discover who you are at your sexual core, and then work with you to express that in a way that aligns with your life and values.

Nicole du Toit Sex Educator & Coach
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Painful Sex

Sex should never be a painful experience, but many women and men are taught that pain in sex is normal. Just because something is common, does not mean it is right.
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Erectile Issues

Erectile issues can be difficult to talk about, but they are very common and affect all men at some stage in their life. Let's find a way forward.
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Low Libido

With the stresses of modern life, it is no wonder that partners and individuals come to me for help with their libido. Let's work on these concerns together.
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Sex Education

Through workshops and online education I help families, communities and individuals find out more about their own bodies, healthy sexual function, and sexual behaviour.
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Sexual Shame

Growing up with various cultural and religious expectations and messages, many of us battle with our sexuality and sexual identifies. Let's talk to find your true sexual joy
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