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Do you want to know how to embrace, and genuinely find joy in your sexual experiences through a holistic Christian perspective? You are in the right place.

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Is it possible to heal from sexual issues, while still respecting your faith?

How can you overcome differing sex drives in a relationship?

What does a healthy sexuality look Iike?

What are some ways for couples to improve their sexual relationship?

Is it possible to cultivate a relationship of love and celebration with you body and sexual nature?

Is it possible to enjoy your sex life without guilt?

Where to find comprehensive information on sex and sexuality?

Nicole du Toit Sex Educator & Coach


About Me

My name is Nicole and I am a qualified sex educator and coach, with a background in Theology, and Christian ministry.

My work is about helping clients better understand their sexual nature, overcoming their limits to intimacy, and creating a happy sex life.

I believe that everyone can benefit from what I offer. My clients receive a nonjudgmental setting to explore their sexual issues and values, as well as insight into their emotional and intimate needs. By providing reliable information about sexuality, I help clients discover more about themselves and make informed decisions. 

I use a holistic approach to explore mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of sex and relationships. During our sessions, I help clients develop communication skills, understand pleasure, cultivate desire, expand orgasmic potential, and more.

My services are available in-person or online, so you can receive expert guidance no matter where you are.

Important Stuff to Know Right Here

AASECT Qualified

My studies in sex therapy are accredited by the American Association of Sexuality Educators Coaches and Teachers.


I work with individuals and couples from all over the world.


I am a registered member of the South African Sexual Health Association.

7 years

For the last 7 years I have worked from my own practice, helping men and women discover and embrace their sexuality.


I am a registered member of the World Association for Sexual Health.


I run a LGBTQI+ friendly practice and provide therapy to individuals and couples.


My Services

1:1 Sessions

Coaching sessions offer personalised, and confidential guidance. I work with you to help you cultivate an understanding an appreciation for your unique sexual blueprint, and create the sex life that you desire.

Online Courses

Popular courses at Pleasure Academy are about integrating faith with sex, and understanding your body. You will become someone at ease with all aspects of who they are, confident in your relationship with God and others.


Special series' on relationships, and women's circles, as well as once-off workshops on a range of topics. The main purpose is to allow space for you to ask questions and build better relationships with others and yourself.


Happy Clients

Words from my Clients

“Great one-on-one session with Nicole who creates a safe and relaxed environment to talk about anything!”
Jessica Gordon


“I loved how intimate the setting was. Beautiful space and a very open and interactive experience. Highly recommend the experience for both the shy and bold!”



"Nicole has a way of making people feel at ease. I learnt a lot"


most loved

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