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Why it’s important to talk to your children about sex.

The benefits of talking to your children about sex

It’s no secret that the topic of sex can be a difficult one for parents to broach with their children. But it’s important to have these conversations early and often with your kids – even if it’s uncomfortable. After all, you are the biggest influence in their lives when it comes to making decisions about sex.

There are many benefits to talking to your children about sex. For starters, it helps them understand their bodies and how they work. It also allows them to develop a healthy attitude towards sex – one that is based on respect, communication, and consent. Additionally, talking to your children about sex can help prevent them from engaging in risky behaviours, such as unprotected sex or sexting.

Not only that, but discussing these topics with your kids can also help strengthen your relationship with them. They’ll know that they can come to you with any questions or concerns they have – no matter how embarrassing or awkward they may be. And that’s an incredibly valuable gift for any parent to give their child.

The negative consequences of not talking to your children about sex

On the flip side, there are several negative consequences of not talking to your children about sex. For one, they may turn to other sources of information – like the internet or their friends – which may not be accurate or age-appropriate. Additionally, without this guidance from you, they may make poor decisions when it comes to sexual activity – putting themselves at risk for STDs, unwanted pregnancy, or even sexual assault.

What’s more, avoiding these conversations can send the message to your kids that you’re uncomfortable with the topic – which may make them feel ashamed or embarrassed about their own sexuality. This could lead them to repress their feelings and desires – setting them up for a lifetime of shame and secrecy around something that should be natural and healthy part of their lives. Research has shown that children who do not have adequate information about sex and sexuality, or are taught to “just keep their knees closed”, actually have sex earlier than those with information, and engage in more risky sexual behaviour.

As you can see, there are far more benefits to talking to your children about sex than there are negative consequences. So if you’re feeling uncomfortable about the idea, remember that it’s important – for both you and your child.



It’s important to talk to your children about sex so they can make better decisions, stay safe, and understand their bodies. The best time to talk to your children about sex is before they reach puberty, but it’s never too late to start the conversation. When you’re talking to your children about sex, be sure to cover the basics of sex education and emphasise the importance of values and decision-making. In the digital age, it’s also important to talk to your children about the dangers of the internet and sexting. By having these conversations with your children, you can help them stay safe and healthy as they grow up.

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